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Whether you choose us (and we hope you do) or any other company to complete your works we hope the following advice is helpful!
Not always the case but BEWARE of any contractor who: 


  • Is available "immediately"
  • (unless it's an emergency call out) as this probably means they are not very busy ........ a warning sign in most cases.
  • Asks for payment for labour upfront. 
  • Big NO NO! materials to be purchased possibly in some cases on larger projects may be necessary, but never pay for large amounts of labour before it's carried out. 
  • Repeatedly breaks promises.
  • Some date changes may occur, our business isn't always totally predictable due to other clients, the weather, etc. But a trades person who repeatedly lets you down without a very good reason will only continue to do so.
  • Tuts, shakes their head and says "its a big job"
  • before they have walked through the door and actually seen the job.
  • Doesn't appear to have the correct tools for the job they are doing.
  • Tools are extremely expensive, but the correct tool for the job is essential and a proffesional trades person will have the correct tools. 
  • Gives you a price off the top of their head.
  • They haven't had the time to calculate everything, so chances are they may be wrong and you could end up with unplanned unwelcome surprises on your invoice.
  • Knocks on your door uninvited asking for work.
  • (obvious but you would be surprised).
  • Cuts corners in a financial scene.
  • "that stunning solid oak flooring you were estimated turns in to painted floor boards, or the granite work top you were estimated ends up being laminate etc etc. This is a sign that your contractor has severly underestimated your job.
  • Disappears for days on end and you can't get hold of them.
  • Offers you no paperwork.
  • If you know them well you may have a relationship based on a verbal agreement which is fine, but a new client contractor relationship should be represented in some way by some form of paperwork, be clear on what you are paying for.

          Not always the case but please DO:

  • Be understanding of the works you are having done and the potential mess dust etc that could be a temporary inevitability of doing the job.
  • Wait until your builder is at an appropriate stage for inspection where possible (you won't like it unfinished ... because it's not finished). So do try to bare with the ugly bits during the process and trust your builder.
  • Be patient with any unforeseen works or unplanned works that may arise. Builders are builders not magicians nor do they have x ray vision, and sometimes not all things are apparent at estimation stage. If you have picked the right company you will already have been made aware of potential unforeseen work if any.
  • Have a good line of clear communication and talk regularly. 
  • Be on hand where possible for meetings and updates ensuring you and your builder are on the same page at all stages.
  • Let your builder know as soon as possible of any changes. Just like you, we need to plan our schedule.


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